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This mini course will introduce you to two aspects by examining some of the factors that affect animal behaviour and how animal perceive and respond to different stimuli.

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It emphasizes ethological studies of natural behavior patterns and their analysis in laboratory work, with contributions from field biology (mammology, primatology), sociobiology, and comparative psychology.Description: A program that focuses on the scientific study of the psychological and neurological bases of animal sensation, perception, cognition, behavior, and behavioral interactions within and outside the species.Thus, the emphasis is on behavior as a biological phenomenon.

Looks at many of the same ideas to develop a beginning knowledge of the study of psychology.


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I continue to learn every day—by attending behavior conferences, classes and workshops, communicating with colleagues, reading journals, working on animal behavior projects, teaching students and volunteers, and constantly testing hypotheses about behaviors I see.

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In this course you will learn for example: Psychology of cats (communication, body language, behaviour) How to deal with cats (aggression, petting, training, housetraining).Schools offering online Animal Behavior and Ethology degrees Online Animal Behavior and Ethology degrees are available with as many as 20 degrees earned at the most popular school.

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The program entails a number of courses such as evolution, animal care essentials, behavioral problems, and grooming methods.This program can also be earned online via distant learning schools.This course is an introduction to psychology, based on classic theory and the latest empirical research, which reviews the basic theory, methods, and research findings of scientific psychology with a strong focus on positive psychology.

You may select areas of study that offer opportunities to carry out laboratory or field research under the supervision of a faculty member.

The online Animal Psychology course will provider learner with fundamental knowledge to enhance their understanding of animal behaviour.This is the On-Demand version of this course, which means you can start the course at any time and work through the course materials at your own pace.

Each week includes reading assignments, study guide activities, an interactive quiz and participation in the class discussion.The online Equine Behaviour and Psychology Course requires 80 hours to complete the course in full.

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Those who possess a psychology degree with a focus on animals will typically study animal behavior.Holly and Hugo helps pet owners improve their relationship with their dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and reptiles with a variety of online animal behavior, training, and grooming courses.If you have a passion for pets, animals, or agriculture, taking courses or earning a degree in animal science could be for you.The course involves reading, discussion, critical thinking, written assignments, and student-led presentations.

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